Monday, August 31, 2015

I've been busy. Here's a few recent pieces for the lovely people over at the NY Times.

 This is a piece about trans deaths of people of color. The author's writing style was a bit staccato and gave examples of multiple killings, so I thought multiple portraits were in order. AD Matthew Dorfman.

 There needed to be an element of violence so I mocked up two sketches, one with fingerprints and crime scene smudges, and another with drips.

This one was about the Islamic State's destruction of Palmyra's ancient ruins. There needed to be an element of sadness, and that's where the crack/tear came in. AD Sarah Williamson.

Here are a couple of sketches, one that didn't make the cut, and one that did. I like them both.

 This one is a piece about the apprehension of the mastermind behind the 1996 Khobar Tower attack. I wanted to include the damage and rubble from the attack and also incorporate an idea of imprisonment. The blown out face of the tower and prison bars both had a geometry that screamed to be played with. AD Sarah Williamson

And here's my sketch.

This piece is a commentary on Europe's rail safety after the recent train attack in France. Here I meshed the idea of the security scan and passengers on their commute/trip. AD Sarah Williamson

Here's my sketches. Initially I wanted the scan to read like an x-ray, revealing a snake-like skull that implied danger. it was decided however that the skull was too harsh considering the tragedy and the skull changed to passengers.

© shannon freshwater