Sunday, February 15, 2015

A month ago Le Monde in Paris asked me to contribute an illustration in memory of Charlie Hebdo and in response to the attacks on their office. We were all stunned by this attack. Whether we like or dislike the way Charlie uses their cartoons as commentary, I think we can agree that having the freedom to express your views is important and that any outside threats should not squelch that liberty. As someone who works in the industry of visualizing ideas and making social commentary through pictures, this attack felt like it hit too close to home. Therefore my illustration was meant to emote the sadness we were all feeling but at the same time to emphasize the power the written word and drawn images can have. Sometimes as artists and illustrators we forget the power of our images, and the attack on Charlie Hebdo acts as a reminder and should reinforce our commitment to making strong and purposeful imagery.

© shannon freshwater

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Dreadful post, but who really gives a fuck.