Sunday, January 4, 2015

 Here's a couple illustrations I worked on over the holidays for Matt Dorfman over at the NYT Op Ed.
The first one is about how abortion and anti-abortion campaigns continue to rely on caricatures of the others view. This was a really tough topic and struggled a bit with concepts until I succumbed to the idea of the cliched caricature. The line was to not offend anyone, but still hold true to the ridiculous stereotypes. I researched tons of old cartoons, and eventually ended up drawing them myself with the help of reference from Richie Rich and a hippie strip from the 70's. This was one of those rare times where frustration and mental block turn into a really fun and successful illustration. Yay!

The next piece was for an article about north east America's racial history. This was a really timely article, with multiple controversies concerning police behavior against black men. I thought the image should be powerful enough to reflect the frustrations in the black community. It was really fun to work on that smoke and collaborate to fit it onto the page.

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