Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last night was my opening at Subtext gallery in San Diego. I couldn't find time to blog about it earlier because I was sleeplessly working on the pieces until the last minute. It was curated by Mr Brody Albert and also featured the work of three other fabulous artists and friends: Katherine Guillen, Sara Escamilla, and Kaeleen Wescoat-O'Neill. You still have time to check it out, as it will be up till Feb 20th. (Excuse some of the snapshots, I'm going to have to get these professionally shot.)

For a long while now I've been using haunted houses in my work, and this seriese is no exeption. I have always thought of houses as thier own character, a part of the family, and so I am exploring the idea of the house as a person which becomes activated by the haunting. I have also been interested in the tactile, fleshy, and sometimes groteque qualies of skin and the human body, and here I have been able to combine the two, somehow making the haunting more corporeal.

"With Feet That Make No Sound Upon the Floors"

"Impalpable Impressions On the Air"

"Houses Wherein Men Have Lived and Died"

The titles are taken from a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem.

© shannon freshwater


Anna See said...

These are freakin awesome! I'm obsessed with miniatures...I collect them. Did you make all the miniatures yourself?

Shannon said...

thanks Anna! yeah, everything is hand made by me.