Saturday, September 4, 2010

About 6 months ago I worked on a couple of book covers for Little, Brown & Co. They were just released, so I can finally show them off. Here are the two final covers which look great with the clean sans serif type treatment, thanks to AD and designer Keith Hayes.

The Collector cover was a winner immediately, but Daniel Martin went through a few changes before we hit on the winning design. I like them all, but in the end the publisher decided to go with a much cleaner and innocuous image, which I think still turned out fantastic. Here are a few of the ones that didn't make it.

© shannon freshwater


Matt E Wood said...

Dang, these are super nice. I am a fan of The Collector cover

ching said...

Those are great!! Love them all:)

Owen said...

Really nice work! I'm looking forward to seeing how they're printed in person, there's such a nice rough feel especially under that type.