Sunday, October 12, 2008

I forgot to post this before. The Capitol Hill Watercolor Society show is up at Joe Bar! This is the second show for the CHWS this year!

"We Regret to Inform You......."
October 1–30
Joe Bar
810 E Roy St, Seattle WA
(across from the Harvard Exit Theater)

(our crest, designed by Miss Alice Tippit)
We Regret To Inform You... takes different perspectives on the information age unveiled in humorous, dark, and cryptic renderings in various forms of watercolor media. It is the latest attempt by the Capitol Hill Watercolor Society to turn tradition on it's ear by using non-traditional means and use of the media. CHWS is not a stuffy group of devoted housewives but is instead a loose collective of painters living in Seattle and abroad that prefer watercolors as a means of expression. The participants include: Alice Tippit, Kate Greiner, Aaron Murray, Suzy Ummel, Bryan Mandronico, Aubrey Nehring, Shannon Freshwater, DW Burnham, Ethan Jones, Sarah Brooking, Christina Miller, Kelly Patton, and Nate Herth.

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