Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I showed new work today!
I'm really obsessed with layers and translucency these days. Here are a few pieces.

This is a sculpture made from foam, tracing paper, graphite, watercolor, and resin. I wanted to capture the feel of the translucency of skin. It has a medical feel but also makes me think of pattern making. I was influenced by a sculpture I saw in a medical museum in London which was made from used bandages.

This is a series which acts as a "self portrait." It is cell vinyl on layered acetate, and compares my aging portrait with my collection of old junk. As my hoarding gets worse, I also collect more winkles.

All images copyright Shannon Freshwater. Not to be used without permission.


Ford Spencer said...

I love that creepy weird plasticy gooey slick slimy looking bust sculpture that you did, is that plastic wrapped around stone or what? layering looks beautiful. def a cool one.

Ford Spencer said...

ha ok, I read your little blurb about it now, I just dont read before I ask questions.....ya.