Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jesus Canceled My Art Show
Opening: Sat Nov 17, 7-11pm
At: The Conference Room
in Beverly Hills

click on image for larger view:

The owner of this new gallery received and email and voice mail from a scheduled artist wanting to cancel his art show because he decided to give up art. He could no longer create art because he wanted to dedicate his life to Jesus Christ. Pretty weird! The solution was to fill the month slot by asking a group of artists to create work about this subject.

List of artists:
Ryan Pratt, Ken Garduno, Gale Hart, Greg Lukens, Kevin E. Taylor, Barry Wolfryd, Chris Peters, John Casey, Darren Breen, Derek Weisberg, Patrick Marraso, Zoso, Martin Wittfooth, James Kirkpatrick, Danny Heller, Paul Torres, Alex Garcia, Mark Gonzales, Vonn Sumner, Paul Barnes, Eric Shaw, Josh Taylor, Matt Rota, Max Micelli, Holly Wood, Thomas Hurley 3, Baruch Inbar, Daniel Lara, Shannon Freshwater, Pee Monster

My piece for the show:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Fall instillation at Art Center:
It was fun writing on the wall.

This guy totally encroached into my space. What's the deal? I like his work but jeeze, give your neighbors some breathing room!
Some of his paint even splotched over onto my work! Sucky!

My zines and sketchbook:

All work property of Shannon Freshwater. Not to be used without permission.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Even more sketchbook pages!

All images property of Shannon Freshwater. Not to be used without permission.