Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My new series:
"Weird Science"
will be shown at:

1930 2nd ave
Seattle WA 98101

opening reception: Friday May 11th 6-9

regular hours: Wed-Sat 11-6

“One way to deny our dependence on nature is to invent technologies designed to make ourselves masters of nature.”
--Christopher Lasch

It is impossible to ignore our anxiety in today’s social, political, and environmental climate. Upon reading a quote from Christopher Lasch in his book “The Culture of Narcissism,” I became immediately inspired to create work dealing with man’s relationship with nature and technology. My concern is to reflect these current issues in an unusual and intuitive way using any medium that is easy at hand including collage and various forms of printmaking.

I grew up in Las Vegas where real history is imploded and replaced by plastic re-staged histories. Because of this lack of real history, I developed an appreciation for old aesthetics, which can often be seen in my work. After graduating from a specialized art high school, I attended the University of New Mexico for fine art. In 2000, I moved to Seattle where I became involved with the Capitol Hill Watercolor Society and occupied a studio for two years at the SS Marie Antoinette. I currently work out of Los Angeles where I have been expanding my skills in illustration at Art Center College of Design.

Here is a preview of the show:
(click on image for larger view)

etching, silkscreen, zerox transfer

four color silkscreen

"Automatic Memory"
three color silkscreen, zerox transfer

"The Future of Aesthetic Surgery"
etching, aquatint

"Plant Grown From Human Heart"

"Plant Grown From Human Placenta"

"General Horn Mouth"
zerox transfer

"The Future of Genetic Engineering"
zerox transfer

"Prosthesis #1"
zerox transfer, ball point pen, gouache

"Prosthesis #2"
zerox transfer, ball point pen, gouache

All images property of Shannon Freshwater. Not to be used without permission!